Nedbank Cup 2024

The Nedbank Cup has always been “The People’s Cup”, and that is why we want to offer you “Tickets Money Can’t Buy”.

A pair of double- VVVIP tickets.
To sit with the people.
The people who matter.
The people for whom football is not just a game.

And, speaking of “Tickets Money Can’t Buy, we also have a set of double-tickets to the Invitation Only “FOOTBALL TALKS” with RISE fm, and Nedbank.
The Friday night before the final, an exclusive evening at 34 on Saturn.

The question is, “what good would you do for these tickets?”

To qualify, send a 30second video clip of you doing a good deed to 072 885 7702, include the keyword “Nedbank”.

Stay tuned to RISE fm to find out if you have earned the “Tickets Money Can’t Buy”.

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