Zuma should pay R7.8 million for Nkandla upgrades: Treasury

The National Treasury has recommended that President Jacob Zuma pay back R7.8m for non-security upgrades at his private Nkandla residence.

In compliance with the Constitutional Court judgment‚ the National Treasury has submitted its report to the court detailing how much Zuma should pay for the upgrades.

In its statement‚ Treasury said: “The National Treasury‚ has in line with the Court’s order‚ submitted its report on the President’s homestead in Nkandla to the Court. All queries regarding the matter should be directed to the Court.”

According to the report‚ released to the media by the Constitutional Court‚ the total amount calculated was R7.8m.

“As a consequence‚ the reasonable percentage of the estimated costs of the five measures that the President would have to pay personally would be 87.94%. This percentage corresponds to R7‚814‚155 as at June 2009‚” read the report.