Zuma must also be charged over land calls‚ says EFF

President Jacob Zuma must also be charged for “going around and agreeing to questions of land occupation”‚ says the EFF.
National spokesman for the Economic Freedom Fighters Mbuyiseni Ndlozi spoke outside the Newcastle Magistrate’s Court on Friday where EFF president Julius Malema appeared briefly on charges of inciting violence and trespassing‚ a separate charge from those brought against the party’s leader in Newcastle for his alleged “land grab” comments last year.

The second charges stem from comments Malema made during a speech in November last year after his first appearance on charges of violating the Riotous Assemblies Act laid against him by AfriForum.

Malema was quoted as saying: “White minorities be warned‚ we will take land no matter how. Land will be taken by whatever means possible.”
These comments led to the new charges of inciting violence and trespassing.

“If we are here because we are in full support of all the land occupation struggles‚ if we are here charged because we agree that land must be expropriated‚ then why are all those people of the ANC not in court as well? Why is the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) not charging Zuma‚ who is going around agreeing to the questions of land occupation?” Ndlozi said.

Ndlozi said the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform Gugile Nkwinti should be in court as well‚ claiming the NPA had “double standards”.

“Why would you be charged for advocating land occupation in an obvious environment of colonial land ownership that continues 23 years into democracy?.

“And as you saw it didn’t take more than five minutes. And that’s what we mean about a waste of time of the president and the leadership of the EFF (sic)‚” Ndlozi said.

“They are trying to frustrate our ability to go and uproot the corrupt ANC on the ground‚ to go and fight on the ground against white monopoly capital.”

“And as a result we always have to come to court which is basically a waste of time.”

Malema will appear in the Newcastle court again on July 6‚ when the matter is expected to proceed to trial.