Why EFF red berets will not be in parliament for Budget 2018

Neither Malusi Gigaba’s snazzy suits nor the hard work he will have been doing in the background to present Budget2018 impresses the Economic Freedom Fighters‚ who will be boycotting this afternoon’s presentation by the finance minister.

Mbuyiseni Quintin Ndlozi said the red berets want newly elected president Cyril Ramaphosa to immediately dismiss the finance minister‚ because in his previous portfolio at home affairs‚ Gigaba facilitated the Guptas attaining citizenship in South Africa‚ aiding them to qualify for BEE deals with state-owned enterprises. The party also questioned his role at public enterprises‚ which involved changes to SOE boards.

“The EFF rejects Malusi Gigaba and will boycott the Budget Vote if it is him who will be presenting it. To avoid disruptions‚ we will stay away from the house for the entire country to see that Ramaphosa is sustaining the legacy of disreputable ministers like Gigaba . . .

“If this is truly a new dawn‚ why must . . . Gigaba present the budget?”

“Gigaba must fall and must fall yesterday. He is the polluted dark smoke hovering over the supposedly new dawn of Ramaphosa’s administration.”

Commenting on predictions that the finance ministry may have to raise Value Added Tax to find the additional revenue it needs to fund social expenditure‚ the EFF said it opposed this and rather wanted an increase in corporate income tax.

“With the state of affairs in our country‚ high unemployment and inequality‚ too many people depend on incomes of individuals to survive. To raise Value Added and Income Tax is to take more from individuals who already have loads of burdens to take care of. The rich must be taxed to support the poor‚ and the rich in this case are the big companies that make huge profits and pay workers peanuts.”

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