What you said: We need the R350 grant

The R350 social relief of distress grant could not have come at a better time for desperate citizens.

In a national address last month‚ President Cyril Ramaphosa announced the social grant would be reinstated until the end of March 2022.

The grant is “intended for persons in dire material need who are unable to meet their families’ most basic needs” and has been expanded to include unemployed caregivers who receive a child support grant.

TimesLIVE ran a poll asking readers if they plan to apply for the grant. Most (85%) said they need the money‚ while 11% said the money is better off going to job creation.

Social development minister Lindiwe Zulu told eNCA last month that people who are eligible to receive the grant are required to start the application process from scratch.

A total of 4% of readers said they would not apply because the process of applying for a grant is always difficult.

On social media many said they would apply‚ while others questioned whether it was enough.

“So Lindiwe [Zulu]‚ do you think R350 is money to you‚ neh ntombi? Please add R350 and make it R700‚ gal‚” joked George Mzansi.

Tovi Mompei said: “This is nonsense. This is how they buy people. They are just trying to keep people within their grasp and still believe they are good leaders when they compromised their own people for cheques for a whole 15 months.”

Source: ARENA Holdings.