We could have a sober Christmas‚ as liquor industry warns of alcohol supply issues

This year’s festive season could be a booze-less one for many‚ as SA continues to face issues with alcohol supply.

On Thursday‚ the National Liquor Traders Association warned of possible supply shortages in December‚ saying the industry was still battling with the effects of the multiple alcohol bans during the lockdown.

Speaking to Jacaranda FM‚ the association’s convener Lucky Ntimane said the industry was facing supply chain issues due to a global shortage of glass bottles and shipping delays.

“We (are) worried that should the supply chain issues‚ which we understand are beyond liquor manufacturers’ control‚ not be resolved‚ it will mean an even bleaker peak trading period for traders who have had to contend with a liquor ban in December 2020 and might now have to brace for stock shortages in December 2021‚” said Ntimane.

Ntimane also told SABC News that the informal liquor sector was already struggling to recover from the previous alcohol bans.

“The supply chain issues being experienced by liquor manufacturers affect us directly‚ because without stock we are not able to run our businesses‚” he said.

“So that there aren’t any glasses available to fill liquids such as Savanna and others means that our recovery efforts are going to take a bit of time‚ because definitely‚ it means that we won’t be able to sell the stock since it’s not available.”

This week‚ Savanna apologised to consumers for a shortage of the alcoholic beverage.

The brand‚ owned by the Distell Group‚ confirmed the stock shortage on its social media page.

“Thank you for the love! Siyavanna SA. We are genuinely sorry there is low stock in places. Thirsty for answers? We have doubled our volume in SA this year and we simply can’t keep up with the love. Ska wara (don’t worry)‚ we’re working hard not to let you go dry‚” said Savanna.

Source: ARENA Holdings.