This year has been many things‚ but let’s not forget the good: The lighter side to 2020


It’s easy to forget the good things that happened this year among the many bad things 2020 served.

Amid the doom and gloom‚ there were some great newsworthy moments that will stick with us for years to come.

We were able to laugh‚ smile‚ be proud or even just grin (behind our masks‚ of course).

There were many things this year that brought everyone together‚ both in SA and around the world.

We were able to laugh at our own president for his mask demonstration on live TV‚ watch nurses dance and sing to keep up the spirits of bored quarantined patients‚ and witnessed the inventions of creative businesses.

In case you’ve forgotten what good things 2020 had to offer‚ here is a recap of some of the memorable news moments we think you should watch again.

Source: ARENA Holdings.