Televangelist up for human trafficking appears in court

A popular Durban televangelist‚ charged with human trafficking‚ will spend the next 12 nights behind bars after the matter was postponed to May 3 in the Port Elizabeth Magistrate’s Court on Friday afternoon.

It is understood that he may face charges of sexual assault.

Wearing the same patchwork jacket he was arrested in‚ the pastor appeared in court after his dramatic arrest at the Port Elizabeth airport on Thursday.

He is a senior pastor at a Durban-based church‚ with a Port Elizabeth branch.

When the pastor appeared in court‚ congregants from his Port Elizabeth branch marched and prayed outside.

Earlier on Friday‚ protesters gathered outside the courtroom‚ calling for him to be denied bail.

Dramatic scenes played out at the airport when the televangelist at the centre of sex-abuse claims was handcuffed in the restroom and arrested for human trafficking shortly after his flight landed.