South Africa’s top universities gear up for student registrations

January can be hugely stressful for the previous year’s matriculants‚ as well as university students‚ as they navigate the registration process to secure a place at the country’s leading tertiary institutions.

To make the process less tedious‚ several of the country’s top universities use social media to keep students informed of requirements‚ procedures and important dates.

Below are updates from institutions of higher learning regarding registration for the 2019 academic year.

– Unisa

On January 3‚ the University of South Africa released a statement informing students of the closure of the institution’s Johannesburg Regional Service Centre.

Three days later‚ the institution encouraged students to make use of the online registration platform due to anticipated strike action.

– University of Johannesburg

Students wishing to apply at UJ for the first time have one less thing to worry about. 

According to a tweet from the university’s official Twitter account‚ potential students do not have to submit their matric outcomes because UJ will access the results electronically from the education department.

– University of the Witwatersrand

On January 7‚ Wits University announced that registration for the current year of study had begun.

The university also gave contact information for students to access additional information. 

– University of Pretoria

According to a tweet from the University of Pretoria‚ the Hillcrest Sports Campus will be the venue for registration services from January 10 to 31.

However‚ the university will not be taking any new applications and will only attend to those who have already been accepted and need help registering for their chosen courses.

– Rhodes University

The Grahamstown-based institution will open the registration process for postgraduate students on January 14.

First-year registration is scheduled to start on February 2.

In a tweet‚ Rhodes University also included a link that notifies students of other important dates during the academic year.

– TimesLIVE