South Africa on America’s naughty list over UN votes

The US has threatened to cut funding to countries which do not vote alongside it in the UN – countries that include South Africa.

In a report titled “Voting practices in the United Nations in 2017”‚ South Africa was named as one of the countries that voted with the US in the UN the least.

According to USAID‚ the total assistance they provided to South Africa in 2016 amounted to $459.7-million‚ or R5.779-billion.

In December of last year‚ US ambassador Nikki Haley warned that the US would be taking the names of states which didn’t vote alongside it.

The result appears to have been a significant drop in votes that are aligned with the US – before the threat 37% of the UN would vote along US lines‚ as of 2017 it is 31%.

According to FP‚ a blog dedicated to foreign policy‚ this is the lowest degree of cooperation America has had since 2008‚ when only 25% of nations voted alongside George W Bush’s administration.


– TimesLIVE