Sabotage‚ says SANDF over changed expiry dates on soldiers’ ration packs

The defence force (SANDF) has laid a charge of fraud against the suppliers of food packs after discovering that “expired” meals were given to military personnel deployed on lockdown duties.

This was revealed when soldiers discovered that stickers with revised expiry dates had been placed over the original stickers on the packs.

SANDF chief Gen Solly Shoke said that if this is proved to be true‚ “it is tantamount to sabotage of the military’s mandate to protect SA”.

He said a case was opened with military police who had appointed a dedicated team to investigate the case. “Those found to be on the wrong side of the law must face the full might of the law‚” said Shoke.

Gcobani Ndzongana of the Land Party SA said the act was “wrong on so many levels”.

“It is fraudulent‚ it is life-threatening and it is downright immoral. It is probably yet another case of tender corruption.

“Packs of food have been distributed with an expiry date of 30/10/2020‚ however if one peels off the sticker that has been placed on the package it reveals that this food expired in February and March of this year.”

Ndzongana said all packs must be recalled and “replaced with healthy food”.

“The suppliers of these foods to the SANDF must be held accountable and charged with culpable homicide. Their business should be closed immediately and‚ if this was a tender‚ the tender process and all parties involved must be investigated.”


Source: TMG Digital.