President Cyril Ramaphosa to address the nation tonight

President Cyril Ramaphosa will address the nation at 8pm on the latest developments about Covid-19.

His spokesperson‚ Tyron Seale‚ confirmed in a statement released on Monday that the president will address the nation following the meeting of the National Coronavirus Command Council and the cabinet.

Currently‚ the country is under lockdown level 3‚ with all sales and transportation of alcohol banned. Parks and beaches are closed while gathering‚ except for funerals‚ are prohibited. Only a maximum of 50 people are allowed at funerals.

Ramaphosa’s address comes on the same day the country receives its first batch of Covid-19 vaccines from India.

TimesLIVE reported earlier that Ramaphosa was expected to announce a lift on the ban on sales and distribution of alcohol and a move to a lower Covid-19 lockdown level.

Ramaphosa is expected to announce a move back to lockdown level 2.

He is also expected to announce the reopening of beaches‚ parks and a relaxation of the curfew to 11 pm.

This comes as the country is experiencing a decrease in a number of new positive infections.

“President Cyril Ramaphosa will address the nation at 20h00 today‚ Monday 1 February 2021‚ on developments in relation to the country’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

“The address follows meetings in recent days of the National Coronavirus Command Council (NCCC)‚ the President’s Coordinating Council (PCC) and Cabinet‚” Seale said in a statement.



Source: ARENA Holdings.