Phosa’s campaign manager withdraws court bid to nullify Mpumalanga ANC nominations

ANC presidential hopeful Mathews Phosa has abandoned his bid to have the Johannesburg High Court hear an urgent application around alleged irregularities in the nominations process in Mpumalanga.

The application had been brought on his behalf by his campaign manager‚ Ronnie Malomane.

Addressing Judge Edwin Molahlehi‚ Dali Mpofu‚ for Malomane‚ said: “I’m happy to announce that the parties have found each other.”

Mpofu said the parties involved in the matter had met on Monday and agreed to resolve their issues through political mediation within the ANC.

He was not willing to disclose what agreement was reached on Monday.

Malomane had wanted the court to nullify the various ANC branch general meetings (BGMs) that were held in Mpumalanga to nominate leaders for this weekend’s national conference. He had wanted the BGMs to be declared unlawful‚ irregular and unconstitutional.

Malomane cited numerous reasons‚ including that the vast majority of the wards in the province were not provided with adequate notice of the BGMs and that in many wards a quorum was not reached. Despite this‚ meetings proceeded and members were requested to vote for delegates nonetheless.

Phosa’s lobbyist further made shocking claims that during the period of the BGMs‚ there were a number of complaints relating to gatekeeping and any person who showed support for Cyril Ramaphosa was said to be destroying the ANC and was thus excluded from the voting process.

Malomane had also accused Mpumalanga premier and ANC provincial chairperson David “DD” Mabuza of encouraging ANC members to vote for “unity”.

The majority of the branches in the province replaced the name of a candidate on their nomination form with the word “unity” at the provincial general council (PGC).

He alleged that Mabuza intended to use his position to influence the so-called “unity” nominees to vote for whichever candidate he may decide to support at the national conference.

“With specific reference to the unlawful phenomenon of branches nominating ‘unity’ it will materially jeopardise the democratic rights and process that needs to be followed at the ANC electoral conference‚” Malomane had said.

Responding to the outcomes‚ Molahlehi advised the party to try and find alternative remedies to sort out their issues‚ instead of heading to the courts.

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