Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma lays down the law regarding restrictions

Co-operative governance & traditional affairs (Cogta) minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma on Tuesday clarified adjustments to lockdown level 3 restrictions.

At a media briefing she said under adjusted level 3 initiation schools would close‚ but there would be no change to international travel.

Initiation schools that began before the implementation of the new regulations would be allowed to continue.

Here are five key takes from her address:

No new initiation ceremonies and no celebrations

“Initiation schools all have to be closed. The only thing allowed is those who are already in the initiation school to complete and return. No new initiates may be taken. Celebrations after the initiation are prohibited and these can be done later.”

International travel is allowed

“In terms of international travel‚ nothing has changed. The 18 land borders which were partially operational will be fully operational and the 34 land borders which were closed remain closed‚ except for the Kosi Bay Port of Entry‚ which will reopen on January 1 2021.”

No night vigils

“Night vigils are not allowed. ‘After tears’ and gatherings after funerals are not allowed and this is because funerals are superspreaders because people tend to sing‚ sometimes they hug and so on. So the shorter the service the better.”

Grieving families to bury within five days

“People are dying. That is why‚ for instance‚ the department of health will probably say people should bury within five days so that the mortuaries do not get full. So it’s a very grave situation and we must really look after ourselves.”

Masks to be worn at funerals

“At the funeral‚ everyone has to wear a mask. Please wear your mask‚ sanitise‚ social distance. And we are urging that the funeral should not take more than two hours. It can take less‚ but it should not take more than two hours.”

Source: ARENA Holdings.