More calls for President Jacob Zuma to resign.

Calls for President Jacob to step down continue to grow, as activists from across the African continent are pleading for the President to resign, in order to protect Africa’s integrity.

It has been reported that 13 activists wrote an open letter to President Zuma, claiming that the President has lost the moral authority to lead.

Even former Cabinet Minister Nozizwe Madlala Routledge has called on the ANC to encourage President Jacob Zuma to resign.

She says that the Presidents apology to the nation was disrespectful and had no sincerity.

Another call for President Zuma to step down comes from Dr Albertina Luthuli who is the daughter of former ANC President Albert Luthuli..

Luthuli is one of a number of ANC veterans who have strongly condemned the way in which President Jacob Zuma and the ruling party have handled the Constitutional Court judgment relating to the Nkandla debacle.

She says “I want to appeal to the ANC leaders to listen to the voices of South Africans who are calling for change in the country.’

It has been a difficult week for President Jacob Zuma as he has received backlash from all different sides of society who are calling for his resignation.