#KeDecemberBoss — laughter and tears as SA reflects on 2020

Eight months into a deadly global pandemic and over 21‚000 deaths later in SA‚ scores have flooded Twitter to express gratitude for the gift of life during what has been a turbulent year for most.

#KeDecemberBoss is the trending hashtag as Mzansi takes a step back to reflect on the year that will conclude in 30 days.

“Thank you Lord for allowing us to get this far … Many didn’t make it! We asking you for protection and guidance this month. Those who are travelling home protect them too” tweeted @Cellular_ZA.

It’s impossible to reflect on 2020 without mentioning the Covid-19 pandemic and how it changed life as we knew it.

A few Twitter users added humour to the conversation‚ sharing how they plan to spend the last month of the year‚ and those jokes about disappearing on one’s parents and/or partner for the whole month resurfaced.

@Oscar_T_Hamese tweeted “We leave city girlfriends and go see wives at home.”

A quick scroll on the timeline will make you feel emotional‚ grateful and you’ll laugh a little too.

Here’s a glimpse of the tweets:

Source: ARENA Holdings.