Investigation launched into noodles brand after ‘reasonable suspicion’ that company supplied ‘unsafe goods’

The National Consumer Commission (NCC) says it is investigating Grandisync CC‚ the supplier of Howe Instant Noodles‚ after finding “reasonable suspicion” that it supplied unsafe goods that posed a potential health risk.

Acting NCC commissioner Thezi Mabuza said: “The NCC has commissioned an investigation against Grandisync CC‚ who is a supplier based in Uitenhage‚ who supplied the Howe instant noodles‚” she said.

TimesLIVE reported that three children‚ including a four-month-old‚ died‚ allegedly after eating noodles in the Eastern Cape.

Mabuza said that while the commission was awaiting laboratory results‚ the investigation would help understand the nature‚ causes‚ extent and degree of the risk to the public.

“Consumer safety is at the heart of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA). Should our investigation reveal that indeed Grandisnyc CC contravened the provisions of the act‚ we will refer the matter to the National Consumer Tribunal for the imposition of an administrative fine of 10% of their total annual turnover‚ or R1‚000‚000 — whichever is the greater‚” she said.

Mabuza urged consumers to practise good food hygiene.

“As regulators in the food safety environment‚ we will get to the bottom of this matter to ensure that those liable are held accountable. Suppliers are obligated to protect consumers; where there are potential hazards‚ suppliers are required to inform the relevant regulators and consumers.”


Source: ARENA Holdings.