Infection peaks‚ R350 grants and military: Life under lockdown level 3

President Cyril Ramaphosa said on Sunday the government has increased the number of law enforcement officials to monitor the situation in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng after recent violence and looting in parts of the two provinces.

The personnel will be deployed in areas considered potential hotspots and at key economic infrastructure like shopping centres‚ warehouses and factories.

Addressing the nation on the government’s response to Covid-19‚ Ramaphosa described the recent unrest as deliberate and co-ordinated acts of violence that resulted in the destruction of property and job losses.

The two provinces were plunged into violence with initial demonstrations linked to the arrest of former president Jacob Zuma. Malls‚ factories and other properties and businesses were looted and destroyed‚ leaving thousands at risk of losing employment.

Ramaphosa said the government has a duty to help the businesses rebuild.

Here’s a summary of his speech in six quotes:

Passed the peak of third wave

“The latest figures suggest we have largely passed the peak of the third wave of Covid-19 infections‚ though there are areas in the country where we need to be concerned because the rates of infection have not shown signs of decline. The measures we put in place for the past 28 days have been effective in reducing the rate of infection.”

Businesses must ensure adherence

“The owners and managers of public buildings‚ centres‚ shops‚ restaurants‚ taxis and buses all have a responsibility to ensure people on their premises or in their vehicles wear masks. They must also ensure the appropriate social distancing measures are in place and are adhered to.”

Steady progress in vaccination rollout

“We are administering more than 240‚000 vaccines every week day. A month ago‚ this figure stood at about 100‚000 vaccinations per week day. As a result‚ we have administered more than 6.3 million vaccines‚ with more than 10% of our population having received a vaccine dose.”

SA to receive 31 million vaccines

“Within the next two to three months‚ we are scheduled to receive about 31-million additional doses from Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson. This supply pipeline means there will be sufficient vaccine doses available for the rest of the year.”

Cyril ‘shocked’ by claim that Rwandan govt hired spy firm to hack his phone
President Cyril Ramaphosa is “shocked” by allegations that the Rwandan government hired an Israeli spy firm to hack his phone.

Violence was planned

“Two weeks ago‚ KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng were hit by deliberate‚ planned and coordinated acts of violence designed to create the conditions for unrest. We have a duty to support those affected by the violence‚ and ensure it never happens again.”

R350 special grant

“We are reinstating the social relief of distress grant to provide a monthly payment of R350 until the end of March 2022. This has been made possible by the slight improvement we have seen in our revenue collection. We are expanding the number of people who are eligible for this grant by allowing unemployed caregivers who receive a child support grant to apply.”


Source: ARENA Holdings.