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High seas‚ strong winds‚ storms and rain as cold front hits SA

Winter is here‚ with a cold front which may see temperatures dropping as low as -1°C in Gauteng‚ while good rains in the Western Cape may lead to localised flooding.

The SA Weather Service has issued 10 severe weather alerts and watches for Monday leading into Tuesday.

Disruptive snowfalls leading to temporary closure of mountain passes can be expected in the Cape Winelands district of the Western Cape on Monday evening‚ spreading to the Little Karoo overnight.

Gale force northwesterly to westerly winds (65km/h-80km/h) are expected between Cape Columbine and Cape Agulhas in the early morning‚ spreading eastward to Plettenberg Bay by late morning and to Port St Johns in the afternoon‚ as well as the Central Karoo of the Western Cape.

High seas with wave heights between 6m and 9m are expected between Cape Columbine and Port St Johns.

A storm surge is expected along the coast between Cape Agulhas and East London as well as the False Bay region.

Heavy rain leading to localised flooding is expected in places in the Cape Metro as well as the mountainous regions of the Cape Winelands and Overberg.

Strong winds of 50km/h-65km/h are expected over the interior of the Western Cape‚ southern interior of the Northern Cape‚ southern parts of the Free State and the interior of the Eastern Cape.

“Very cold conditions are expected over the interior of the Western Cape‚ southern interior of the Northern Cape‚ northern interior of the Eastern Cape and southern parts of Free State on Tuesday‚” the service said.

Gauteng Weather warned of strong winds and temperatures dropping down to -1°C on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Western Cape minister of local government‚ environmental affairs and development planning‚ Anton Bredell‚ said “while we welcome the wet weather given our drought‚ the concern is that the conditions may cause further challenges during the lockdown.”

The province’s disaster management centre said heavy rain and localised flooding could be expected in the Cape Town‚ Overberg and Cape Winelands.

The Western Cape provided the following guidelines for areas expected to be hit by floods.

How can I prepare for a flood?

Prepare a home emergency plan‚ and identify risks around your home.
Remove leaves (from downpipes or gutters) and any other items that can increase the risk of flooding.
Have an evacuation plan. Everyone in your family has to know where to go to find shelter.
Prepare an emergency toolkit. This should include a first aid kit‚ torch and portable radio with batteries‚ candles and waterproof matches‚ drinking water‚ a multi-tool‚ whistle and emergency contact numbers.
What should I do during flooding?

Monitor flood warnings. Listen to the radio for emergency warnings‚ evacuation advice and weather updates.
Avoid entering floodwater unless it is necessary‚ and never underestimate the strength of floodwater‚ even if you are inside a vehicle.
Follow all instructions from emergency authorities.
Turn off all electricity and water and take your cellphone with you.
Assist elderly and disabled neighbours.
What should I do after the flood?

Before entering your house‚ wait until the water has dropped below floor level.
Check with electricity and water authorities to know whether it is safe for you to use these resources.
Be aware of contamination if water sources have been flooded; this could be unsafe to drink.

Source: ARENA Holdings.

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