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Halala! SA out of the top 10 list of most Covid-19 cases in the world

SA has dropped to the 11th position on Worldometers’ list of countries with the most Covid-19 infections.

Worldometers (https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/?utm_campaign=GenericUAblogposts??) is a data source that tracks real-time statistics on several topics‚ including Covid-19. The numbers vary daily as updates stream in.

To date‚ SA has 692‚471 confirmed Covid-19 cases and 17‚780 deaths.

The number of new infections have seen declines over the last month‚ with the country recording less than 10‚000 daily cases in the past weeks.

On Sunday‚ health minister Zweli Mkhize said 1‚575 new cases were confirmed‚ and the number of recoveries was now 623‚765‚ which translates to a recovery rate of 90%.

The number of tests conducted to date was 4‚407‚441.

“Regrettably‚ 58 deaths were recorded in the Eastern Cape‚ 38 in the Free State‚ four in KwaZulu-Natal‚ six in Gauteng‚ and one in the Western Cape. This brings the total number of Covid-19-related deaths to 17‚780.

“Of the 107 deaths reported today‚ four occurred in the past 24-48 hours‚ one in Gauteng‚ two in KwaZulu-Natal and one in the Western Cape‚” said Mkhize.

Mkhize urged people to continue to adhere to safety protocols.

“We may be on level 1 lockdown‚ but we urge people to take the risk of Covid-19 seriously. Continue wearing masks‚ sanitising‚ social distancing and so on‚” he said.

Last week‚ Mkhize told a webinar hosted by the SA Medical Association that while the worst was over‚ SA may still face a second wave of infections.

He said a plan that would follow the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) guidelines has been tabled should the country be hit with a new surge.

“Of course‚ we may still be facing a second surge. I think we all speculate about how likely that is because many of the countries that are overtaking SA are in a second surge. Whether it’s going to be like that in SA depends on how we deal with our containment measures‚” said Mkhize.

In the world stats‚ SA has been overtaken by France‚ which has 734‚974 confirmed Covid-19 cases. France’s death toll now sits at 32‚683.

The US tops the list‚ recording 7‚991‚998 infections and 219‚695 deaths‚ followed by India with 7‚120‚538 cases and 109‚184 deaths.

Brazil is third with 5‚094‚979 cases and 150‚506 deaths‚ followed by Russia with 1‚298‚718 cases and 22‚597 deaths. Colombia made the top five‚ recording 911‚316 cases and 27‚834 deaths.


Source: ARENA Holdings.