Gigaba blames business as xenophobia spreads

Business‚ specifically the hospitality and retail sectors‚ are being targeted by the Home Affairs Minister‚ Malusi Gigaba‚ as he addresses tensions between citizens and foreign nationals

Addressing a briefing on growing xenophobia in 2017‚ with outbreaks on violence in Gauteng‚ the minister told a briefing in Cape Town that there should be compliance with the Constitution and other laws of the Republic‚ by citizens and foreign nationals.
He said his department had prioritised documentation of people in South Africa‚ and deportation of those who are undocumented.

“This message to act responsibly‚” he said‚ has also been conveyed to businesses in the country‚ “starting with those in the hospitality sector‚ pointing to the folly and dangers of failing to comply with the laws of the Republic“.
“Business is a critical partner in managing anti-immigrant sentiments and more will be expected of them.
“In this regard‚ a paradigm shift has been adopted‚ we will now target unethical businesses that employ illegal practices.

“Government is working with business on these issues‚ to ensure compliance‚ employment of locals and harmonious relationships desired for development‚ economic growth and empowerment of citizens.”
He said the department was making inroads on this: A total of 63 people who were employed by the Spar without documentation were arrested at three Spar supermarkets. “Of these‚ 19 females are detained at Pretoria Noord SAPS and 36 males plus 9 females are detained at Kameeldrift SAPS.”

“I have directed my office to set up a meeting with the management of Spar to discuss labour issues.”
The Minister also said much of his department’s work was going on behind the scenes.