FW de Klerk knew political change didn’t threaten white privilege‚ says Floyd Shivambu

EFF second-in-command Floyd Shivambu has expressed his view of why former president FW de Klerk unbanned liberal movements and released apartheid prisoners‚ including Nelson Mandela.

De Klerk and the situation SA finds itself in dominated conversation on social media on Sunday‚ as the public noted 30 years since the former president made the historic announcement which reshaped the country and its political climate.

In a series of tweets‚ Shivambu implied that when De Klerk delivered his speech in parliament on February 2 1990‚ he did so not in the interests of the formerly oppressed majority‚ but to advance self-interest.

He referred to comments in De Klerk’s speech about Eastern Europe’s economic collapse and whether liberation movements were a threat to white privilege and power.

He also reiterated his stance on who the key players in SA’s economy should be‚ adding that “the government’s basic point of departure is to reduce the role of the public sector in the economy and to give the private sector maximum opportunity for optimal performance”.

Source: TMG Digital.