Full explanation on Inxeba X18 ruling to be issued ‘soon’

As producers of Inxeba (The Wound) consider their legal options after the Film and Publications Board Appeals Tribunal reclassified the film as X18‚ the same category as hardcore porn‚ the full reasons for the decision are yet to be released.

The tribunal consists of a group of people who the minister of communication appoints without any prior consultation.

After complaints about the film from two organisations‚ the tribunal announced 7 days ago that Inxeba would be re-rated and now fell into a X18 category‚ effectively removing it from showing it at cinemas except designated “adult areas” for which you need a special licence.

The tribunal did not immediately release the explanation behind the decision but is required to do so within 7 days.

The only way the decision can be overturned is to directly appeal the minister of communications or head to court.