Fikile Mbalula slams critics who say he’s doing a road safety campaign for pics and likes

Transport minister Fikile Mbalula has hit back at suggestions that he only takes part in a massive road safety campaign for “pictures”‚ saying his department has engaged scores of motorists and pedestrians on the importance of keeping safe on the roads during the festive season.

The campaign was recently launched by the department‚ as a measure to help curb road accidents which could put additional pressure on hospitals treating Covid-19 patients.

Mbalula had tweeted pictures of the ministry’s team during a drive around Durban in KwaZulu-Natal‚ and emphasised the importance of police visibility on the roads‚ saying it would help curb road deaths.

When one user suggested that he was doing it “for pictures”‚ Mbalula responded “We are on the roads and we’ve made several stops to engage people on road safety. People die on our roads‚ especially during this time. We won’t do anything because uLoveable on Twitter feels some Tupperware (type of way) [sic].”
The minister said vehicles that are overloaded and not roadworthy will be impounded to reduce potential deaths.

“Heavy vehicles and all those that are overloaded in terms of weight will also be impounded. That is what we’re doing on the roads all around the country … I’m also encouraged by the positive response we are getting from motorists who really have heeded the call. A majority of them have ensured that they drive safely on the roads‚” said Mbalula.

Some of the intensified pillars of the road safety campaign for the festive season include pedestrian visibility‚ drunk driving and vehicle roadworthiness.


Source: ARENA Holdings.