EFF: ‘Ministers rerouted to deal with private affairs of the Zupta phenomenon’

The decision to intervene between banks and Oakbay Investments shows that “key cabinet ministers” have been “rerouted to deal with private affairs of the Zupta phenomenon”.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) said the decision‚ announced on Thursday‚ to assign the ministers of finance‚ labour and mineral resources to the issue means cabinet has “resolved to officially intervene in business and private affairs of a family business which has a corrupt business relationship with Mr Jacob Zuma”.

“What this means is that the South African government has deployed its ministers to go and resolve private business problems of the Gupta family‚ a family whom Mr Zuma has confirmed are his friends‚ a family whose companies are partly owned by the Zuma family‚ a family who are embroiled in many scandalous activities‚ a family who finances Mr Zuma’s wife’s house and other necessities‚” said the EFF’s Mbuyiseni Ndlozi.

“The South African government is being reduced into a personal fiefdom where a president reduces institutions of the state and cabinet ministers into defending his personal and private interests.”

Ndlozi said that the banks’ decisions to not deal with Gupta-related companies “should be welcomed” if it came from their choice “to disassociate from and report all forms of financial crimes and impropriety by their customers”.

“The EFF rejects cabinet’s narrow intervention into private affairs of the Gupta family and instead calls for strengthening of laws that deal with financial crimes‚” he said.

“All banks‚ audit firms‚ and other financial institutions must play a central role in combating all forms of financial crimes.”