Database to track any side-effects of Covid-19 vaccines — Zweli Mkhize

Government will launch a vaccine database to enrol and assist those receiving shots against Covid-19.

Health minister Zweli Mkhize said those eligible for a vaccine dose‚ in the phase starting with health workers most at risk‚ will register and this will be recorded for them to be reminded about the dates for their second shots. Registering is a precondition for vaccination and includes providing medical aid information by those who are members.

“We procure [the vaccine] and those who administer doses will charge the medical aids. Even if you don’t have medical aid you will receive the vaccine. Either way you should not pay. The vaccine is free at the point of service‚” he said.

A post-vaccination care and support team will monitor if anyone experiences adverse effects after the injection.

“There is a process of recording everyone who has health concerns after receiving the vaccine. It is standard procedure. If you have a headache‚ a rash‚ anything‚ it has to be recorded so it can be checked if it is related to the vaccine.

“Even if you die in a car accident after being vaccinated‚ it has to be recorded and you have to be checked if it had anything to do with the vaccine.”



Source: ARENA Holdings.