Cricket SA’s members council asks chairperson Zak Yacoob to provide reasons why he should not be suspended

Retired Justice Zak Yacoob has been asked by the Cricket South Africa (CSA) members council to provide reasons why he should not be suspended as the interim chairperson of the board afterbringing the organisation into disrepute.

Last week the former Justice of the Constitution Court launched a foul-mouthed tirade at Arena Holdings journalist Tiisetso Malepa and the members council classified his counduct as “unbecoming and inappropriate behavior”.

The CSA members council‚ which is the organisation’s highest decision-making body made up of provincial board presidents‚ resolved unanimously in their meeting on Tuesday that Yacoob’s behaviour was gravely inappropriate.

“The members council resolved to serve notice to Judge Zak Yacoob in terms of the Companies Act‚ No 71 of 2008 Section 71 (2) b “the director must be afforded an opportunity to make a presentation ‚ in person or through a representative‚ to the meeting‚ before a resolution is put before a vote”‚ pertaining to the conduct of Judge Yacoob in relation to displaying conduct unbecoming of a director thus bringing the CSA as an organisation into disrepute‚” reads the CSA members council round robin resolution.

“As a result‚ the members council contemplated and considered the appropriate action to be taken and resolved that they would engage their constituencies to obtain a mandate whether or not to take action against Judge Yacoob‚” read a statement from the Members Council.

Delegates of the members council were then requested to approve the resolution and respond in favour or against the resolution by no later than lunch time on Wednesday.

Clause 11.2.2 of CSA’s disciplinary code states that “CSA will provide the employee with an opportunity to motivate within 48 hours why he or she should not be.

The CSA members council is responsible for the appointment of firing of directors. The body is also responsible for holding directors accountable for conduct expected of those entrusted with leading the organization.

In the quest for holding directors accountable‚ the members council can appoint an independent party to investigate the conduct of its directors.

The members council has the power to request any director to take leave of absence while an investigation is being conducted.

In the meantime‚ the Democratic Alliance (DA) has joined calls for the removal of Yacoob.

“We condemn the former Judge’s disgraceful and aggressive attitude towards the journalist as it is unbecoming for someone in his position.

“In a telephone call with the reporter regarding the suspension of CSA acting CEO‚ Kugandrie Govender‚ Yacoob can be heard hurling all manner of insults towards the journalist who was merely trying to do their job.

“He referred to the journalist as “dishonest”‚ “idiot” and accused the journalist of being “a rogue and dirty journalist.

“It is not the first time that CSA has been embroiled in controversy related to the treatment of the media. Last year‚ CSA came under fire after it revoked media accreditation of journalists because they wrote about the dire state of cricket in the country. In a democratic state such as South Africa‚ freedom of the press must be protected and any attempt to silence or berate journalists must be condemned.”

– TimesLIVE

Source: ARENA Holdings.

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