Cricket SA table roadmap to recovery and self-correction in Parliament

Following months of upheaval and damage to its reputation‚ embattled Cricket South Africa (CSA) have formulated a roadmap that the organisation hopes will restore confidence from the public and key stakeholders‚ including sponsors.

The CSA delegation consisting of acting president Beresford Williams‚ three independent board members Marius Schoeman‚ Dheven Dharmalingam and Dr Eugenia Kula – Ameyaw‚ and company secretary Welsh Gwaza was in parliament on Tuesday to brief members of the portfolio committee on sports‚ arts and culture on the its programme of action.

The presentation got off to a rocky start after acting president Williams was asked to leave the virtual session as he is implicated in the forensic report that the organisation was to present.

CSA company secretary Gwaza was also asked to recuse himself after the members of parliament flagged him for apparent unbecoming conduct in handling and facilitating the handing over of the forensic report from Fundudzi Forensic Services‚ a company contracted in March to look into board and management practices at the organisation over the past four years.

To appease the stakeholders‚ CSA presented a slide to the members of its steps to be undertaken towards redress and recovery. CSA said its first step was when it contracted a forensic audit company in March to conduct an investigation.

A summary of the forensic report that deals with the conduct of the then suspended and now fired CEO Thabang Moroe was handed over to the CSA board in July.

The summary forensic report was used in the proceedings to discipline Moroe‚ who was subsequently dismissed in August for “serious misconduct”.

The roadmap will detail what actions will be taken by CSA‚ who will be responsible for those actions and when they are expected to be completed before the organisation can hold its AGM scheduled for December 5.

The detailed roadmap‚ once consensus has been reached by the CSA board on the above and the relevant parties identified to take responsibility‚ will be prepared on an urgent basis by law firm Bowmans.


Below is what CSA has already achieved

∙ COMPLETED: Members’ Council was advised that Board is responsible for what happened under their watch as detailed in the Forensic Report

∙ COMPLETED: Relevant governance structure to be tasked with matters falling within its mandate. For example‚ the Human resources will deal with disciplinary matters while the remuneration committee will address procurement related issues

∙ COMPLETED: Areas if focus prior to AGM has been identified

∙ COMPLETED: Board resolved that a member of the members’ council who is not a director on the Board is to join the sub-committee to oversee action

Below is what CSA is currently doing and actions it will take in the coming weeks

ONGOING – Due March 2021:

Employee related matters delegated to the HR and RemCom for further investigation and taking appropriate steps

ONGOING – October 7 and 8:

CSA executives will be tasked with delivering on operational specific items


It was agreed that third party assurance will be obtained to ensure that findings of the forensic report adequately addressed


Certain recommendations and findings require more investigation


CSA to engage with key stakeholders and disclose information under guidance of external legal firm


Procurement process related matters: legal opinion pending regarding matters relating to procurement processes not followed


CSA will finalise a dedicated work stream towards the amendment of the MOI. CSA to also provide feedback to stakeholders on progress made to address forensic report findings.

The organisation will then notify affiliates with appropriate summary of the report‚ as requested by the members’ council prepared by external legal firm – as per the members’ council resolution.


CSA will discuss its media guidelines and protocols. CSA to also review the parity of remuneration among staff‚ players and administrators.

The exercise has already commenced and will be executed in four phases for a period until:

First phase – November 30:

Review the parity of remuneration among staff

Second phase – March 21 2020:

Review the parity of remuneration on female players

Third phase – October 2021:

Review the parity of remuneration among various racial group of players

Fourth phase – May 2022:

Review the parity of remuneration among affiliate administrators

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