BREAKING NEWS: Kenny Motsamai released – report

Former Pan Africanist Congress prisoner Kenny Motsamai has been released after spending 28 years in prison.

Motsamai was a PAC prisoner arrested in 1989 for the murder of a traffic officer during a bank robbery‚ which was sanctioned by the party.

The robberies were used to fund PAC activities.

Motsamai has been on day parole for the past seven months‚ meaning he can be out of prison during the day with an electronic tracking device but has to return to prison at night.

Fasting for his freedom

Motsamai’s wife Mantombi hadn’t eaten on Wednesday as she is fasting and praying for husband’s release after almost three decades years in prison.

Kenny Motsamai has been in prison since 1989 after being found guilty of murdering a white traffic officer in Rustenburg during an Azanian People’s Liberation Army-sanctioned bank robbery in 1989 and handed two life sentences. At the time‚ he was 26 and had just returned from Ethiopia after military training. Apla was the military wing of the PAC.

Mantombi’s face lit up as she spoke about her husband‚ and said she had remained his wife while he was behind bars for 27 years because she loves him.

During his day-parole – during which his whereabouts have been monitored by an offender tracking device – Kenny spent his days with her and “plays with his six-year -old grandson because he wasn’t a father to his daughter‚ Busi‚” she said.

“He was fighting for a fair world”

Mantombi was in Tanzania at an Apla camp and pregnant with Busi when she learned of her husband’s arrest in 1989.

Daughter Busisiwe Magagula said: “He was fighting for a fair world. They killed a police officer at the time‚ but my father claimed he was involved in a robbery.”

Magagula told Power FM earlier this month that the EFF has offered her father a job. About 100 members of that party were in attendance at the Boksburg facility on Wednesday. Picketing EFF members said they were at the prison to support Busi as she is a member of the party.

‘Even Jub Jub has not served 10 years’

“I have grown up without a father… even Jub Jub has not served 10 years‚” his son‚ Karabo‚ said.

This was a reference to singer Molemo “Jub Jub” Maarohanye‚ who‚ along with Themba Tshabalala‚ was released on parole last week after serving half of his eight-year jail sentence for crashing their cars into a group of school children in 2010. The accident left four boys dead and two others seriously injured.

Karabo said he was one-year-old when his dad was arrested. “I know him (from) behind bars.”

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