Besieged Cricket SA appoints ‘executive support officer’

An executive support officer has been appointed to serve as a link between the embattled Cricket South Africa (CSA) interim board and the management team.

CSA interim board chairperson and retired Justice Zak Yacoob confirmed that Denga Ramuedzisi was appointed into the new role last week.

Yacoob did not provide more details into Ramuedzisi’s job description but said the chartered accountant has been warmly welcomed by the executive management and staff.

“Yes he is there‚ he has been appointed. I will ask the [acting] CEO to tell you a little bit more about him‚” said Yacoob.

“He has begun the process‚ he has been with us and he has been to our meetings and so on.

“He is rendering good support and we are very happy to report that one of the things that we anticipated‚ you know normally when you bring someone new into executive positions and administration‚ there are all sorts of ill feelings. But I am extremely happy to say that the existing people on the executive have understood the reason for him being there.

“They have a working relationship with him and they will work that through. He came on board a week or so ago. I will leave it to Pholetsi to give the full details‚” said Yacoob.

CSA acting CEO Pholetsi Moseki‚ who was roped in from his role as chief financial officer‚ said Ramuedzisi has already been made to feel at home.

“He has definitely been quite helpful and we are working very well together‚” said Pholetsi.

“As everyone would know‚ there are quite a number of suspensions at CSA currently‚ executive suspensions‚ so he has definitely assisted in filling that role basically.

“So the current working relationship is working very well.”

An internet search reveals Ramuedzisi as having a professional background in auditing‚ investment banking‚ consulting‚ curatorship and liquidations.

He began his career at one of the “big five” audit firms in their financial services audit department.

CSA acting CEO Kugandrie Govender was suspended last month and her hearing is set for Thursday January 28.

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Source: ARENA Holdings.