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ANC in clear lead‚ DA slips‚ EFF and FF grow: Election results taking shape

With just over three out of four (75%) votes counted‚ the ANC and DA are projected to hold their positions as the leading political parties in SA‚ but with lower percentages than in the previous election. The EFF is expected to grow its base.

The FF+ has slipped behind the IFP into fifth place‚ with a mere two percent support.

On Friday morning‚ the ANC had 57% (with 6.8 million votes)‚ the DA 21.8% and the EFF 10% of the votes. The IFP had 2.89% and the FF+ 2.48%.

The provinces where the most votes still need to be counted are Gauteng‚ Limpopo and KwaZulu-Natal. In Gauteng 55.79% of votes have been counted‚ 59.84% in Limpopo and 62.31% in KwaZulu-Natal.

Counting is all but done in the Western and the Northern Cape‚ with 94.36% and 97.45% of votes counted. The DA is in a commanding lead in the Western Cape with 54.76% vs the ANC’s 29.18%. In the Northern Cape‚ the ANC is out of sight of the pack with 57.25% of the votes‚ followed by the DA with 25.89%.

Elections analyst Dawie Scholtz on Friday morning projected a 65% overall turnout and the following outcomes:

ANC 57.3%;
DA 20.9%;
EFF 10.4%;
IFP 3.5%‚ and
FF+ 2.7%.
In 2014‚ the ANC secured 62% of the vote‚ the DA 22.23% and the EFF 6.35%.

The red berets’ chairperson‚ Dali Mpofu‚ tweeted overnight that he was closely watching the numbers coming in to see if the party had managed to grow its support. “Fighters in 2014 EFF received 1‚169‚259 votes nationally. Please let me know when we overtake that number. Thereafter even one more vote will mean not only that our base approves of our performance but that the base has grown‚” he said. At the latest count‚ the party is sitting at 1‚205‚322 (1.2-million).

A total of 12 million votes were cast.

The ACDP has garnered 0.92% of the vote so far‚ while the UDM has slipped to 0.53%. The Good party is at 0.50%‚ ATM at 0.48% and AIC at 0.29%‚ the same number as Cope‚ which has fallen to 11th place on the election leaderboard.

New party ZACP‚ known by its purple cow logo‚ has 9‚762 votes (0.08%).

Agang has 9‚714 votes and Azapo 8‚923.

At the bottom are the KZN-based People’s Revolutionary Movement with 1‚630 votes‚ Limpopo-based South African Maintenance and Estate Beneficiaries Association with 1‚613 votes and the radical left National People’s Ambassadors party with 1‚235 votes‚ all at 0.01% of the overall vote.
Source: TMG Digital.