ANC has been reduced to a shady network of patronage and corruption: Maimane

The African National Congress (ANC) today has failed to complete its transition from a party that liberated the masses to a capable party of government.

Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Mmusi Maimane told guests at Daily Maverick The Gathering in Midrand that the ANC has instead been reduced to a party of corruption.

“… [ANC] has today been reduced, in fact, to a shady network of patronage and corruption. Instead of staying the course and completing the transition from a liberation movement to a capable party of government, their leadership chose to abuse the power and steal from the people of this country,” said Maimane.

The leader of the official opposition said that the ANC has not only betrayed what it stands for, but has also betrayed its votes.

‘Zuma can get third-term as ANC president if he so wishes’: Malema

“It’s not a Zuma problem, it is in fact an ANC problem. The party is corrupt to the core and its sole job is to defend Jacob Zuma, and the ANC has shown over and over again that it cannot change from within.”

He said that the ANC that was meant to deliver a better life for all has instead has delivered a better life for Jacob Zuma’s cattle.

Maimane also called out the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) for saying that they will remove the government through a barrel of a gun.

“I am a Sowetan, I’ve watched violence and I can remember the violence of the 80s and the 90s. I remember what Boipatong meant, I remember what Sharpville meant. I battle to understand what’s happening in KZN today because we are seeing violence, so why would Julius [Malema] wish South Africans more violence?

“Why are we promising the bullet and not the ballot? Perhaps maybe deep down it would better to focus on telling people what we offer rather than have them fight for violence and that they can reject your policies at the polls,” said Maimane.