ANC defanged Parliament to protect Zuma: DA

The Democratic Alliance has accused the ANC of defanging Parliament to protect President Jacob Zuma.

The ANC voted against a motion on Thursday to establish an ad hoc committee to investigate allegations of state capture in government.

DA finance spokesman David Maynier described the ANC’s action as “shameful”.

“The fact is that had an ad hoc committee been established it would have had extensive powers – including powers to summon any person and powers to require any person or institution to report to it – in order to investigate.

“However‚ the African National Congress closed ranks in a desperate effort to protect President Jacob Zuma‚ and the Gupta family‚ from any investigation by Parliament‚” said Maynier.

“Even Jeremy Cronin‚ who is opposed to state capture‚ voted against the motion‚ rather like a member of the Communist Party‚ condemned to the Gulag‚ singing songs in support of Stalin.

“What the African National Congress did today in Parliament was shameful‚” Maynier added.


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