ANC agrees to form task team to probe alleged irregularities in Mpumalanga

The ANC has agreed to investigate the concerns raised by presidential hopeful Matthews Phosa about alleged irregularities in the nominations process of the preferred candidate in the Mpumalanga province.

This was revealed by his campaign manager‚ Ronalo “Ronnie” Malomane who filed papers in the Johannesburg High Court on behalf of Phosa‚ seeking to have the province’s nomination process declared unlawful‚ illegal and unconstitutional.

“The ANC will form a task team to Mpumalanga in order to track each and every…branch of the ANC and check all of their complaints‚” said Malomane.

In court papers‚ Malomane had argued that the ANC branch in Mpumalanga had not singled out their preferred candidate for the elections but had instead nominated “unity” for new national leaders at the party’s elective conference scheduled to take place from December 16-20.

Malomane said following their meeting with the ANC leaders on Monday‚ they had resolved the issue of unity.

“We have agreed that the unity abstract is no longer there. It is not a candidate. It was just a shadow and it won’t even affect the delegates‚” he said.

Malomane was speaking to TimesLIVE shortly after the matter was heard in court and where their lawyer Dali Mpofu‚ announced they had decided to withdraw that part of their application and use internal structures to address it.

Part B of the application‚ however‚ was yet to be heard.

“Part A is talking about the question of an abstract called ‘unity’ as well as the sourcing of delegates from those people who were nominated in the BGM [Branch General Meeting] and swopped with people who were not even in the BGM‚” Malomane said.

Part B is about the constitutionality of the nominations process.

“[It] is a constitutional matter which I cannot divulge currently as per our agreement with the ANC‚” Malomane explained.