8 ways how lockdown will change during level 3‚ according to Ramaphosa

As the country prepares to move to level three lockdown from June 1‚ President Cyril Ramaphosa has announced some changes to the regulations.

In his televised address to the nation on Sunday‚ Ramaphosa confirmed that more sectors of the economy would reopen as the country eased restrictions.

However‚ with SA’s confirmed Covid-19 cases continuing to increase‚ Ramaphosa also warned South Africans that the worst was yet to come.

By Sunday‚ the country had 22‚583 confirmed cases and 429 deaths.

Here are eight ways the lockdown will change in level three‚ according to Ramaphosa.

No more curfew
Ramaphosa said the current 8pm to 5am curfew on the movement of people will no longer apply.

“The curfew on the movement of people will be lifted‚” he said.

You can exercising any time‚ as long as it’s not in a group
There would be no time limit on exercising from June 1.

“People will be able to exercise at any time during the day‚ provided this is not done in groups.”

Alcohol will be sold‚ but only for drinking at home
Ramaphosa said alcohol will be sold for home consumption.

“Alcohol may be sold for home consumption only under strict conditions‚ on specified days and for limited hours. Announcements in this regard will be made once we have concluded discussions with the sector on the various conditions.”

Still no official ciggie sales
The prohibition on the sale of tobacco products‚ including cigarettes‚ will continue.

“The sale of tobacco products will remain prohibited in alert level three due to the health risks associated with smoking.”

You can travel‚ but only for work
Limited domestic air travel will be allowed for business travel only and dates will soon be announced‚ said Ramaphosa.

“Our national borders will remain closed except for the transport of goods and repatriation of nationals‚” he added.

Watch out if you are in a hotspot

Ramaphosa declared‚ among other metropolitan municipalities‚ Tshwane‚ Johannesburg‚ Ekurhuleni‚ eThekwini‚ Nelson Mandela Bay‚ Buffalo City and Cape Town as Covid-19 hotspots.

“A coronavirus hotspot is where there are five or more Covid-19 infections per 100‚000 people‚ or where new infections are increasing at a fast pace. The list of hotspot areas will be reviewed every two weeks‚ depending on the progression of the virus.”

If you are over 60‚ please don’t go to the office
All employees above the age of 60 and others who can work from home should be allowed to do so.

“Because of their vulnerability‚ all staff who are older than 60 years and those who suffer from underlying conditions‚ such as heart disease‚ diabetes‚ chronic respiratory disease and cancer‚ should ideally stay at home.”

Back to school
Classes for grades 7 and 12 pupils will resume from June 1.

“No parent will not be forced to send their child to school if they are worried about safety. If we all work together‚ if we diligently follow all the precautions and protocols‚ we will be able to keep our schools safe.”

Source: ARENA Holdings.