So‚ Eskom wants us to ’embrace leftovers’ and buy expensive pots to save power

Power utility Eskom caught heavy flak over its plea to the public to reduce electricity use during winter.

On Thursday‚ Eskom requested that the public “power down” on cooking during the cold months and instead “embrace leftovers” to conserve energy.

According to Eskom‚ ways to conserve power include reducing the size of cooking pots and pans‚ cutting down on cooking time‚ and spending money on high-quality cookware‚ despite the ailing economy and high unemployment rate many South Africans are facing.

Eskom offered the following electricity “tips”:

The size of cooking pots and pans — if you are preparing a small meal‚ you should use a smaller pan or pot;
The right appliance — depending on what you are cooking‚ you may find it is better to choose an energy-efficient counter top appliance;
Clean your stove top — the best way to ensure you do not waste power with a grimy stove top is to clean it often;
Cut down cooking time — reduce cooking time by waiting until the last minute to preheat the oven when you use it.
And the best one:

Spend money on high-quality cookware — glass or ceramic pans are better in the oven‚ and pans with a copper bottom are better on stove tops.


Eskom’s request and tips were met with mixed reactions on social media.

Many poked fun at the idea of “embracing leftovers”.

Here is a snapshot of some reactions.

Embrace those leftovers. LOL!

Source: ARENA Holdings.