SARS denies its executive received a bonus while on suspension

The South African Revenue Service (SARS) says reports that its executive Jonas Makwakwa was paid a bonus while on suspension are inaccurate.

“SARS finds it necessary to specifically clarify the deliberate misrepresentation of facts as this perpetuates a media-created narrative that SARS Commissioner‚ Tom Moyane‚ gives preferable treatment to Mr Makwakwa and conducts himself in a manner that contravenes the law‚” SARS said in a statement.

“SARS wishes to reiterate that‚ contrary to media reports‚ Mr Makwakwa was neither paid a bonus while on suspension nor was there any interference in the process of his suspension.”

Makwakwa was suspended in September 2016 along with his girlfriend Kelly-Ann Elskie‚ also a SARS employee.

This after large cash deposits into their bank accounts were flagged by the Financial Intelligence Centre.

Makwakwa claimed the money was from a taxi and stokvel business. The matter was investigated by law firm Hogan Lovells.

Makwakwa was suspended for a year while a disciplinary hearing chaired by Advocate Motau SC was conducted. Numerous problems were identified with the hearing‚ including that Makwakwa was not asked to answer to all the allegations against him.

But on October 30‚ SARS announced he was cleared of wrongdoing and would be returning to work.

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