‘Proudly South African’ Nando’s says no to American chicken

Fresh whole birds that are homegrown – That’s the promise from Nando’s South Africa‚ which on Wednesday turned up its nose at American imports.

“Nando’s is proudly South African. The American poultry that has landed in South Africa does not find its way into your Nando’s meal‚” Geoff Whyte‚ CEO of Nando’s South Africa‚ said in a statement.

His comments comes after a radio report quoting Minister Rob Davies‚ Minister of Trade and Industry‚ as saying that Nando’s makes use of imported American chicken.

“We’d like to set the record straight‚” Whyte said.

He said the company only used fresh‚ whole chickens. American chickens come to South Africa frozen.

The chicken at Nando’s are grilled as fresh as possible. “This cannot happen with imported chicken‚” he said. Whyte made this commitment to customers: “Nando’s will always serve only South African chicken”.

On Tuesday‚ TMG Digital reported that Davies had briefed the American Chamber of Commerce in Johannesburg on plans to ensure that South Africa remains a competitive business destination.

“There are going to be black-owned companies that will be responsible for the import of the US chicken‚ at least 15% of it‚” Davies said.

He declined to reveal which retailers are selling the US chicken in the country.

“You can go to any store and you’ll see it is labelled ‘US product’. I don’t know where it is‚ but I can assure you that is has arrived‚” said Davies.

In March‚ US chicken imports were allowed into the country after a protracted trade came to an end following a standoff that could have seen South Africa losing out on trade benefits under the African Growth and Opportunity Act.