Nando’s explains why a quarter chicken and chips is cheaper than chips and a roll

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TMG Digital reported earlier on how much it costs to order a portion of large chips and rolls at major food outlets such as Nando’s‚ Wimpy and Spur.

Nando’s sharing chips or wedges are priced at R34.90‚ which will cost you R44.80 if you add a roll for your lunch. This is R4.90 more than the price of a quarter chicken order‚ which goes for R39.90 at the same restaurant.

Explaining its pricing‚ Nando’s says: “Like everyone‚ we are feeling the effects of a severe drought‚ food inflation‚ a falling rand and a shake-up in the global economic markets. We have not changed our pricing strategy and continue to work hard to make sure we deliver a great quality experience at reasonable prices.”

A spokesperson from Nando’s offered this tip to price-conscious customers: “Our pricing strategy is designed to drive value through our combo meal options‚ which is why a quarter chicken and chips is cheaper than chips and a roll – after all‚ we’re famous for our chicken‚ not our rolls.”

Nando’s invited consumers to make suggestions on costing‚ saying: “We welcome any feedback regarding our price increases‚ and consider these inputs seriously as we negotiate our restaurants through the current tough economic climate.”

Jasveer Morale‚ who complained about the size of his portion of large chips on a Facebook post‚ has been contacted by Nando’s since then.

“It seems our standard operating procedure was not followed and an incorrect portion size was served. We have immediately implemented corrective training across our system‚ to make sure this never happens again. Customer service and providing the best quality for the best value are very important to us and we are grateful to all of our loyal supporters who point out where we’ve erred. We have contacted the consumer in question and offered our apologies for the fact that our standard operating procedure was not followed‚” Nando’s said. “We have given him Nando’s vouchers to allow him to have a better Nando’s experience.”