Mpumalanga Policy and Budget Speech

The Policy and Budget Speech in the Mpumalanga province took place today.

Speaker of the Mpumalanga Legislature Thandi Shongwe addressed members of the Media this morning. Shongwe tabled the Policy and Budget Speech by first observing Freedom Day. She stated that Apartheid is still very alive South Africa based on the recent acts of racism we have witnessed recently this year.

Shongwe urged citizens of Mpumalanga to unite against racism, discrimination and stand forth as one to help build South Africa into being a country it was destined to be.

The speaker then broke the new budget down in detail for the financial year of 2016./2017

She highlighted that R143 000, will be spent on Administration

Parliament Business will amount to R129 000

Political Parties in the Legislature will be given R24 000

The good news is that Shongwe confirmed that Expenditure for certain projects will be reduced drastically for the new financial year.

One of those projects to receive a reduction is the annual State of the Nation Address (SOPA). The total spending for SOPA will be reduced to 50% while the overall spending for taking the Legislature to the people will be reduced to 30%.

This is a major cut compared to the other financial years.


Meanwhile Mpumalanga Premier David Mabuza also tabled his Budget and Policy Speech at the Provincial Legislature.

The Premier said his office will strengthen service delivery in the province. He says they will consider new ways to fast track service delivery.

Mabuza presented an amount of R245m, which will be appropriated for his office for the financial year of 2016/2017.

The Premier explained that the current service delivery model is expensive and the government will soon introduce a more affordable and cost effective programme called The Mpumalanga ICT Master Plan.

This Programme will achieve the efficiency of service delivery.