EFF will take land and give it to people in the municipalities it wins

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) says if it wins in the forthcoming local government elections‚ it will use EFF municipalities to take land and give to the people.

In a newsletter by its leader Julius Malema‚ he said landlessness was the major reason why the black majority and Africans in particular lived in absolute poverty.

“Landlessness in South Africa is a result of colonial dispossession and black genocide committed by the White Settlers whose descendants continue to occupy and own the land today.

“This is the land that was forcefully taken from black people by white Settlers even before the enactment of the 1913 Land Act which was means to legitimate and intensify land dispossession.”

Malema said there were people who had adopted a position that the limited resources at the state’s disposal must be used to buy stolen land‚ even when such land was needed for public purposes and interests.

“The Economic Freedom Fighters is the only significant political movement which has a commitment to take back the land without compensation and give to the people equitably.

“The EFF is not ashamed of and will never retreat from this commitment because buying illegally acquired property is a criminal offence and we will never be party to criminal activities.”

Malema said what that meant was that when the EFF was a government in any municipality‚ it would allocate all available land to the people for residential‚ industrial‚ religious and recreational purposes.

He said the Constitution stated that the national or provincial government may not compromise or impede a municipality’s ability or right to exercise its powers or perform its functions.

“The many functions of a municipality include the reality that a municipality is responsible for municipal planning‚ industrial promotions‚ local sport facilities‚ cemeteries‚ and many other services that require land.

“It is therefore logical that when the Constitution assigned these tasks‚ it also gave the municipality a degree of powers to allocate land for all these purposes.”