A new drug for TB patients

A ground breaking drug could soon be made available in the country, for people who are living with Tuberculosis(TB) very soon.

Researchers hope the new drug will be more readily available for the South African public in the next few years and given to people living with the lung disease who are living in areas that are hit hard by the disease.

According to Dr Koen Andries,  the new drug is called Bedaquiline. Andries says “Bedaquiline is the first of its kind in that it kills bacteria in a different way.”

He also says “The drug which took 20years to develop, can radically reduce treatment time.”

Medical Doctors have indicated that the availability of Bedaquiline would be highly effective in the country as normal treatment for the disease lasts up to 20 months or more while with the usage of Bedaquiline treatment will last  six months or less.

In South Africa the diagnosis of patients who contract  the TB virus is on the rise.